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Rinca Trekking

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Rinca Island also known as Loh Buaya is the second largest island in Komodo National park after Komodo Island. This island maybe less known than the popular Komodo island but if you have limited time, Rinca island is the best place to visit. It has easier access from the mainland Labuan Bajo which takes only about 2.5 hour boat ride (wooden boat) compared to 4 hour boat ride to Komodo Island (by wooden boat).

Rinca island has amazing scenery dominated by savannah vegetation and palm trees that you won’t find on Komodo island. The trek offers one of the best picturesque views in Komodo National Park that will bring you Jurassic park feeling. On Savannah hill, you’ll be offered a scenic view of Loh Buaya port.   

Rinca  is less popular than the crowded Komodo island.  The geography of Rinca is slightly different than Komodo island. The island is drier with Savanna type topography. Like on Komodo island, Rinca also offer 3 trekking routes in option.  

Short Trek
Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain & Sights: Mostly flat, dry forests. Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat, and nesting site. 

Medium Trek
Duration: 1.5 Hour
Difficulty: Intermediate
Terrain & Sights: Shaded forest and nesting sites. 20 minute climb on semi-steep hills, view of palm trees and savanna  

Long Trek
Duration: 2.5 Hours
Difficulty: Challenging

Terrain & Sights: Steep climbs on rugged terrains, watering holes, view of savanna and view of the island