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Pink Beach

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Well known for its unique color of the sand, world class snorkeling site and breathtaking view of Komodo National Park, Pink Beach is a boat ride of approximately 4 hours from Labuan Bajo and 15 minutes from Komodo island on a normal weather. 

We include a visit to this beautiful island on our Komodo Dragon Wildlife and Sea Safari, whether you spend days on boat or a day boat trip only

Snorkeling in pristine water, short hike to the hill to capture the picturesque view, relaxing time on the beach are some kind of rewards after an exciting adventure on Komodo Island 

Small fragment of dead red coral washed ashore mix with white sand is where the pink colored sand on the Pink Beach Island come from. Pulau Pantai Merah, as Indonesian called it, is a popular snorkeling spot near Komodo Island. Its pristine crystal water is home to colorful tropical fishes and beautiful coral garden.

There are only a few pink sands beach exist in the world. Due to its unusual color, some visitors attempt to bring the sands back home. Since Pink Beach is located in a protected area, collect some sands or corals to fly with you back home is against Indonesian law. The airport authority will be checking your luggage before the departure check in. We highly recommend that you never attempt to collect the sands from Pink Beach or coral in the national park waters to bring back home.