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Liang Bua Cave

Liang Bua is one of many wonders that can be found on the island of Flores. A pre-historic lime cave that located near Ruteng – the capital of Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara province is the site where the skeletal remains of Flores Hobbit (Homo floresiensis) was discovered. An adult female skeleton was estimated to be at 1.06m in height and weighed 25 kg. in addition to small body size, the Flores hobbit also had a small brain size. There were 9 individuals unearthed in Liang Bua. However, the all skeletal remains can no longer be found in Liang Bua cave. All the findings had been brought out for further research. There is a small museum located near the cave.     

Liang Bua is easily reachable within a 30-minute drive from Ruteng and about 5 hour drive from Labuan Bajo.