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Kalong Island

Pulau Kalong is the local language for Flying Fox Island. It’s one of the popular attractions in Komodo National park in addition to Komodo Dragons that own the centre stage.  There are actually 2 Kalong Islands exist in Komodo National park. One is located near Rinca Island and the other one is located near Komodo Island.

The popular Kalong Island is the one that located near Rinca Island. It’s a small island covered with mangroves forest, a perfect home for flying foxes. At dusk, thousands of “Kalong” flying out of their home in searching for food, creating an amazing display in the dusk sky. While Kalong Island that located near Komodo Island, though we still visit it to anchor our boat for overnight, don’t expect to see Flying foxes because there are very small number of flying fox inhabit that island.