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Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa is located in the northeast of Komodo, about 2-hour journey from Komodo Island and 4-hour journey from Labuan Bajo by motorized wooden boat.     

This island is popular for hiking that takes only 15-20 minutes easy hike. The top of the hill offers scenic view of sunrise or sunset, coastline and rugged hills covered with savannah vegetation. On dry season, when the grasses of savanna turn brown, the landscape looks more dramatic.

The savannah vegetation, however, can burn easily during dry season. The fires happened almost every year caused by nature or human activities. The recent incident took place on 01 August 2018. Even though there were no victims due to the island is uninhabited, 10 hectares of savannah vegetation swept by fire and it took 1 day to put out the fire. The fire reportedly started after a group of tourists left the island, they were seen set a fire for taking photograph which activity is out of komodo National Park rules.

When you visit Gili Lawa or other part of Komodo National park (Komodo National park is the driest area in Indonesia), please don't do activities that can cause fire. The simplest thing is the discarded cigarette butts. Please ensure your cigarette butt is completely put out and throw it at the proper place as it can spark fire.

Visit to Gili Lawa can be included on our Komodo 4 days 3 nights package, diving safari package or by request.